Our atmosphere

We here at Marta believe in good food - food that’s good for our planet, good for our bodies, and good for our soul. We are passionate about local, sustainable, and naturally cultivated ingredients, and every dish is created with intention and served with love.

We offer all-day breakfast, lunch, baked goods, specialty beverages, and weekend brunch in a casual and comfortable environment great for gatherings, or simply as a warm and welcoming space for study or work.

If you have any questions about our offerings or the elements within them, please don’t hesitate to ask! We would love to share more information with you.

Our Story

Like all good things it began over some delicious food and great wine, when a chef and a nutritionist discovered they shared a similar dream, and that dream would best come to life if they did it together.

With a mutual passion for European sentiments, as well as nourishing, ingredient focused cuisine, Nikita Williams and Ellie Shortt began to conceptualize a multi-purpose space that brought together their diverse backgrounds in restaurant operations, event coordination, cooking class instruction, nutritional consulting, recipe development, and menu design.

What resulted was Marta, a café and bistro with a pantry area showcasing both house-made items as well as curated goods, that also serves as a venue for public and private events, workshops, and gatherings.  

 …and where does the name “Marta” come from you might be wondering? Well, it’s Nikita Williams grandmother and a true grande dame. Classy, courageous, confident, and of course French, Marta has impeccable taste, brilliant opinions, and never leaves the house without a string of pearls around her neck. An integral matriarchal figure to Nikita and her family, Marta made an immediate impression on Ellie and it was clear from the beginning that she encompassed and emanated the tone and persona of the their café concept and space.

 Our partners

 There is no question we are all about collaboration and connectivity here at Marta. We honour the incredible bounty of Vancouver Island and appreciate the diverse community that cultivates, supports, and sustains the items and ingredients we source.

 Below are some of the amazing farms, artisans, and vendors we work with, and we would be happy to tell you more about their products and ingredients as they are featured in our dishes…

Discovery Coffee

Based in Victoria BC, the team at Discovery Coffee hand-selects their green beans from farmers all over the world and roast them in-house, at their freshest. Because of their commitment to forging relationships through their craft, Discovery Coffee believes in working to grow partnerships with farmers that are transparent and direct. They have implemented sourcing habits that are open, connected, and present to the circumstances producers face, and thus from seed to cup, farming to roasting, their beans are cared for every step of the way.

Silk Road Tea

Since 1992 Silk Road Tea has been creating the world’s finest, freshest, organic teas. It began in Victoria’s Historic Chinatown, with a passion for premium quality ingredients, an eco-friendly approach, and a commitment to community – values which continue to be just as important to them today as when they first opened. Their award-winning teas are made with premium quality, fresh, organic botanicals. Exceptional freshness, combined with organic growing practices, results in higher antioxidant levels and superior flavour in your teacup. What’s just as important as the premium quality ingredients we select for our teas, are the ingredients they never use – no artificial flavours, colours or hidden sweeteners- just pure, healthy, deliciousness in every sip!

avalon dairy

“If good stuff goes in, good milk comes out” is the mantra of this awesome BC-based business. By using certified organic practices to nourish the soil and what grows out of the ground, Avalon Dairy can ensure only the best flows out of their Partner Farms' cows. Their Partner Farm's cows enjoy the Country Club treatment. Which isn’t hard when you’ve got fresh air, pure water, and, well, idyllic country conditions. With small-scale farming and holistic animal husbandry policies, they’ve taken factory farming out of the equation. From their iconic glass bottle, you can tell they’re traditionalists. Avalon has been family-run since 1906, and survived world wars, depressions, urban sprawl, and waves of conglomeration.

The Italian Bakery

The Italian Bakery is a family owned and operated, multi-generational bakery that has been a popular mainstay in Victoria for 40 years. They pride themselves in great quality products and a warm family atmosphere where not only staff but also customers feel like they are part of the family. Their bread is made with pure and simple ingredients and traditional flavour development through long rises and natural starters seen in the organic sourdough, rustic rye, and ciabatta we use for our sandwiches + tartines. They specialize in delicious Italian and French-style cakes and pastries including the croissant, pain au chocolat, and palmier we offer in-house.

Two Rivers Specialty Meats

Since 2007 Two Rivers has supplied some of the best restaurants and retailers in British Columbia with the highest quality locally, ethically and sustainably raised products. They work with small local farms that take pride in animal husbandry and produce top-quality meat. These farmers understand the needs of their animals and provide homes where they can thrive. They know it’s true because they’ve checked! Every Two Rivers partner undergoes regular audits, where they visit the farm, speak with the farmers and see how their animals live. These partner farms are located throughout western Canada—mostly in British Columbia, with a few in Alberta.

The Whole Beast Artisan Salumeria

The Whole Beast is an artisan cured meat producer based in Victoria, BC, Canada. When they opened in 2010, their aim was to address a need in the community for high quality hand crafted cured meats using traditional techniques and ethically raised heritage breed animals. With the growing awareness and demand for products from this segment of the food industry, they felt that Victoria was ready to embrace a business that specializes in nose to tail inspired meat products. The Whole Beast's vision is to produce handmade, traditional, artisan cured meats without unnecessary additives, preservatives or fillers, while utilizing ethically raised, hormone and antibiotic free meats that are locally sourced. The Whole Beast gives customers a tangible connection to a growing sustainable food movement on Vancouver Island, while increasing awareness and appreciation for nose to tail products.

Vancouver Island Sea Salt

Vancouver Island Salt Co brings you a taste of the great Canadian Pacific with its beautiful, all-natural, unrefined sea salt hand-harvested with care from the cold, clear waters in Oyster Bay on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. These fine sea salts, flake sea salt and sea salt flavour infusions are loved by chefs, home cooks, foodies and nutritionists alike.  They are proud of their "merroir", a truly pristine water source, and their conscientious, sustainable production that leaves naturally occurring trace minerals intact in their salts. Discover their small batch Vancouver Island Sea Salts in our dishes + pantry section - they are a wonderful harmony of mother nature and the tides, patience and artisanal craftsmanship.